Clinical Psychologist

I offer

  • ADULT, COUPLE and FAMILY Therapies

  • In English and French

  • In Hong Kong

It takes
Courage to change the things I can, 
Serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Wisdom to know the difference.



I offer psychotherapy in a safe and non-judgemental environment to help you if you go through a difficult time.  

I am trained to assess and help with psychologically-based distress, such as:

Anxiety, excessive fears or worries, depression, obsessive thoughts, stress-related problems (post-trauma, professional, etc.), sleep difficulties, eating disorders, social or professional interaction difficulties, anger management problems, couple or family interactions, low self-esteem, trauma and abuse...

I will meet you for 50 minutes, generally on a weekly basis, that can be adapted.


A couple can be a great resource for connection, friendship and intimacy. Caring and nurturing this relationship is an on-going process. On your journey as a couple, you may face difficulties. 

Trained in systemic approach and Gottman Couple Therapy, based on Dr John Gottman's 40 years of research, I can offer support and guidance to address different issues in therapy, such as:

Emotional distance, difficult communication, conflict (e.g. money, parenting or in-laws), a possible separation, an affair, hard times, difficulties in sex life, power struggles, handling stress.

I will welcome and support your couple for 75 minutes sessions every two weeks.


When one of the family members is suffering, it can potentially put a strain on other family members. The difficulties of this person may also signal relationships difficulties of the whole family group.

The work in family therapy is a powerful ressource. Through communication, it can unleash the family creativity and skills to overcome the system imbalance and reach a new family autonomy.

Two therapists will, with the family:

- work on each member's place,

- explore the family history,

- deepen a better understanding between the family members,

- create new emotional and behavioural strategies.

I will help and support the family work with an other therapist, during one hour and a half session, every month. It requires the presence of the entire family (both parents and all children).


Time & Location

Admiralty Centre

Office Tower 2


18 Harcourt Road

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Tuesday & Friday

8am- 8pm





*Only for families



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